A4 copy paper

What is a thermal inkjet printer?
as its names appear it is use heat to print on a heat-sensitive paper. this kind of printer in used on fax machine

What kind of printer print on a multi part carbonless form?
A dotmatrix printer (impact printer) is used to print on continuous, fan-fold, multi-page, listing paper.

What kind of printer used for ATM PIN mailer printer please list the printers?
YOu can use dot-matrix printer for carbone paper or a lazer printer with special label to cover the PIN such as PHS system from Otto Kunnecke

Does paper contain clay?
Some types of paper (the glossy kind used for magazines) are coated with a type of clay. Regular typing or printer paper, however, does not contain clay.

Can regular paper be used in register printer?
yes any paper can be used in any printer

What kind of printer uses the 51465AE cartridge?
The kind of printer that uses the 51465AE cartridge is the HP Hewlett Packard printer. Ink cartridge contains the ink that is used to print out words or images on a paper. One can always replace the ink or inkjet cartridge when the ink is empty.

What type of printer do ATMs use?
This is kind of thermal printer, these printer runs without inks – they work by selectively heating special paper, which turns into black color. That’s why, when you touch the print it is little warm. A printer which is used at all ATMs is a kind of POS, which are the similar to the point of sale printers hooked up to cash registers.

What kind of paper can you use for fax machine?
Usually it is regular everyday printer paper. Sometimes thermal fax rolls are used in certain models, however these models are very old.

What kind of printer used for ATM PIN mailer printing?
Dot Matrix printer is the best option although we have some other alternatives. Dot matrix printer puts the pressure while in contact with paper, which is necessary in carbon printing. surendra pathak

Can you use color photo paper in a laser printer?
Color photo paper can be used in a laser printer as long as you use paper that is heat resilient. An example of this type of paper is called laser paper.

What type of printer is most dependent on the quality paper it uses to get the best printing results?
Injet Printers. The quality of the paper used with inkjet printers significantly affects the quality of printed output. You should use only paper that is desinged for an inkjet printer, and you should use a high-grade paper to get the best results. (page 1165, Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC, seventh edition, Jean Andrews).

Is thermal printer a impact printer?
Cycling-rod is accurate in that dot matrix printers are impact printers (as are daisywheel printers) but thermal printers also do qualify since their printheads actually do touch the paper, though not as forcefully as the other varieties. This is actually how they make the images on the page: they impact and burn the special wax-coated thermal paper to make the image. They are regarded as a subclass of dot matrix printers since they work the…

Can you draw a sankey diagram on lined paper?
One would think that any kind of diagram can be drawn on any kind of paper. However, lined paper might possibly lead to confusion if the lines are the same color as the diagram. In any case, it would look less than professional, and given the ready availability of unlined paper (for example, printer paper), why used lined paper?

What does an impact printer use to print images onto paper?
An impact printer fires pins against an inked ribbon to imprint onto a paper. Such a printer is more likely to be used were multi-sheeted, fan-fold, listing paper is used in an office, bank, etc.

Is printer ink different from other types of ink?
Printer ink is a special kind of ink. It dries instantly and doesn’t smudge when used on regular paper, which is what happens with some pens. There are different types of inks for printers depending on what you are doing. Higher pigmented inks are good for printing on photo paper, for example.

What are the technologies used in teaching?
some of the tech in teaching is a paper, pencil, pen, printer, copier, computer, windows 7, projector, scissors, desks, wireless mouse, wireless key board, and depending on what kind of teacher you are you may need more tech and other writing things oh and butcher paper, card board paper, and printer paper. reply back on what teacher you want to know about.

Name of the paper used in Dot matrix printer?
pin-feed paper

What kind of printers have tiny hammer-like keys that strike the paper through and inke ribbon?
The hammers are known as pins, and are used in a dot matrix printer.

What kind of paper do most dot matrix printers use?
Often used in an office, a dot matrix normally uses continuous, fan-fold, listing paper. A tractor roller (pegs on the roller engages punched holes on both edges of the paper) is used to feed the paper through the printer. This set up means that the printer can be left unattended while printing lots of data over many hours. Some dot matrix printers may have rubber rollers instead of a tractor roller. The paper used here…

Who was first to create the printer?
Charles Babbage was the person that first made the printer. The printer is used to print things off of a computer, onto paper.

Can you used color laser paper in a regular printer?
Absolutely – it will work just as well in an ink-jet printer.

What is a highly rated brand of sticker printer paper?
The Staples brand of sticker printer paper has a very good reputation. It is glossy and is water resistant. When used in conjunction with a good quality laser printer, stickers turn out very clear.

What is printer and types of printers?
Printers put text, logos, bar codes, pictures, etc. on paper. Most printers can be classified in one of these categories: Thermal Printer Inkjet Printer Laser printer Rotary printing press Impact printer Impact printers can be further sub-categorized as line printer, daisy wheel printer, golf ball printer, dot matrix printer, Braille printer. printer is an hardware device which is used to provide our require information and data on an paper

Where should inkjet printers be placed?
it depend on what kind of inket printer is being used. but usually you would commonly find them in a library.

What type of printer uses a beam of light to generate characters on paper?
A laser printer uses a beam of light to generate text and images on to paper. The laser is used to create a negatively charged image on parts of the printer drum. The toner then sticks to the areas of the drum that is negatively charged before being transferred to paper.

What is printer in simple words?
A printer for experts A Printer is one of the most common types of hardware. It is used to make hard copies of documents or files. A printer for kids A printer is used to draw text or pictures onto paper. This text or pictures can be on documents or files.

What are some types of paper that can be used in a commercial photo printer?
The types of paper that can be used in a commercial photo printer are gloss and semi-gloss, matte, canvas, and art paper. Vendors which provide these varieties are Hahnemuehle, Red River, Moab, llford, Inkpress, Museo and Innova.

Is the paper that is used in a laser printer a conductor or an insulator?
It would be an insulator

What are the four main types of paper used in the office?
There are many types of paper and paper products that are used in an office setting. Printer paper, photo paper, construction paper, and speciality paper that can be used for stenciling or art work are popular paper choices.

Is there a certain ink a printer takes?
All printers have a specific kind of ink that they use. If you do not know what kind of ink is used in your printer, look for the king of ink you have in your printer already or you can look at the instruction manual that came with the printer. That manual contains the exact inks that are accepted in your printer. Hope this helped!

What is inkjet printer cartridges?
Inkjet printer cartridges are small plastic containers filled with ink which, when used in conjunction with a printer, can spray ink on to paper or other materials for printing purposes.

What is the purpose of a dot matrix printer?
A dot matrix is known as an “Impact Printer” in which pins (usually 9 pins or 24 pins) are fired against an inked-ribbon (as used in typewriters). This enables the use of multi-paged, continuous, listing paper to be used in an office, and can be left unattended to complete long print jobs. A tractor roller, that has pegs that engage with holes punched both sides of the paper, will draw the paper through the printer…

What is a cake printer used for?
A cake printer, such as one by Cricut, is used in cake decorating. Instead of using a printer that uses ink and paper, a cake printer cuts shapes, words, motifs and decorations into frosting sheets, soft candies or modeling chocolate.

What is the difference between printer maintenance and troubleshooting?
Printer maintenance entails replacing cartridges, cleaning printheads, cleaning the printer itself, and refilling paper. Printer troubleshooting can include any of the printer maintenance items used in an effort to resolve a problem, it can also include attempting to resolve issues with paper jams, power issues, and print quality issues. Resolving issues with the printer software would also fall under the category of troubleshooting.

Where can you get transparent printer paper?
I think it’s called Overhead Transparency paper (used for presentations); try an office supplies shop.

How laser printer work?
A laser printer uses lasers into order to receive information through a photoreceptor. A drum inside the printer is coated with selenium to pick up toner that is then used to make the image on the paper.

How much do printers weigh?
It all depends on how big the printer is and what components are in the printer, as well as what kind of ink or toner is used for it.

What does the bar code printer from Citizen do?
The barcode printer from Citizen acts like a printer that specifically prints bar codes. This is what makes it different from other printers since it changes the dimensions and the type of printing paper used.

Is a 3d printer a output device?
A 3D printer is a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) device that creates three-dimensional objects. Like a traditional printer, a 3D printer receives digital data from a computer as input. However, instead of printing the output on paper, a 3D printer builds a three-dimensional model out of a custom material. A printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper, usually to standard size sheets of paper…

What kind of printer is assigned an IP address?
A printer is assigned an IP address when used in a networking environment and only if it is used with a printer routing device wich will assign the printer an available IP address from the main router to share it over the network.

Can carbonless paper be used in laser printer?
Most carbonless paper will not work with laser printers since lasers burn the image onto the paper instead of pressure. They usually only work with paper that is similar to the carbonless paper.

What is the purpose of a label printer?
Label printers are ‘specialist printers. They are designed to print labels of various sizes, usually on a continuous roll of special paper. This cuts down waste from printing just a few labels on, say, A4 paper, as the label printer only ejects as much paper as is actually used.

Does it ruin the fuser to run printed paper though a laser printer?
The printed paper would be treated as blank paper by the laser. Otherwise, preprinted forms, etc, couldn’t be used – which they can!

What printers are compatible for canon photo paper?
“Canon photo paper can be used on many printers, especially photo printers. Check your printer for what size paper it uses before trying to print with any paper.”

How do you erase the laser printer ink from letter?
To erase the Laser Printer ink from letter is made easily,however you should first check if its really printer with the laser printer,there are cases that Ink might be printed hot,and which means its erased but not so easily. If its only Laser Printer ink,take nail cleaning Aceton (nitrous) put it in (Ear Cotton) which is with stick.wash the cotton with the aceton and swift it softly above the ink,you will see that its beein…

What is kind of paper is used for coupons?
Used toilet paper.

What kind of printer is used to Print hospital bill?
Impact Printers

What is used to drain the charge in the paper when printing with a laser printer?
The static-charge eliminator strip or roller.

What kind of paper is used for a compact scanner?
For a compact scanner you can use normal paper wether its thick or thin. Everyone should work not like other printers such as laser printers or mobile printers who needs special paper.

What is plotter and how does it work?
A plotter is a printer that interprets commands from a computer to make line drawings on paper with multiple pens. It is a kind of instrument, usually driven by a computer, for drawing graphs or pictures. It is a computer output device which has to be used usually by moving a pen.

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