copy paper and or thick paper

Which material makes the best shadow puppet?
The best materials are CHART paper [which is opaque-ex-thick chart paper , cardboard ect.], because they make clear shadows[ shadows are dark].

What is the best material for packing eggs?
The best material is NOT!!! plastic its news paper!!

Which recycled material floats best?
the answer to your question is paper paper floats best so peace out.

What paper makes the best paper airplane?
Any plain paper

What do you need to make a soda volcano?
Material for the volcano: clay, paper mache, etc. Soda: works best if its diet Mentos: react with the diet soda and makes it expand or get bigger .

What material is best for making toy boats?
paper or plastic

What is the best material to draw on?
Paper is pretty good lol

Why do you need paper?
From technical and economical reasons 1. Paper is best writing and printing substrate. 2. Paper is best packaging material 3. Paper is made of renewable source. 4. Paper is recyclable and biodegradable.

What is the best material to burn with a magnifying glass?
dried leaves or paper

What company makes the best inkjet paper?
“There is a lot of debate over paper and who makes the best kind, and it depends directly on what you want to use it for. However, HP brand business communications paper is well rated for all basic uses as an inkjet printing paper.”

Which material conserves heat the best paper or aluminum foil?
Aluminum foil.

What are the steps to making a football?
The best way to get a football is buy one. If you are curious on how a football is made it is made from cutting the material that the ball is made of, pressing the material, lacing it up, and then it is flattened to have the bladder added to it before it is blown up.

Who makes the best football gloves?
Two good brands of football gloves are Under Armour and Cutters.

Which material is best described as an insulator?
An electrical insulator is an object that’s internal charges do not move freely. This makes it nearly impossible to conduct electricity. Some examples of insulators are, Styrofoam, most plastics paper, glass, and rubber.

What paper makes the best airplane?
i would say 8 1/2 X 11 graph paper

Why is paper the best sound insulators?
Because paper is a type of porous material and cannot reflect sound. Instead, it absorbs most of the sound that reaches it.

What is the best material to make fins of a rocket?
you can use plastic, thick paper, etc. It is always best to keep the rocket light!

What is the best running shoe?
an athlete is worthless if depends on material things. Should be what makes a best runner

What is the best fire proof material?
American Sprayed Fibers makes the best Fireproofing material for many types of This is there web site. God bless.

Why is water not the best solvent to use in paper chromatography?
It makes paper swell up and ultimately dissolve. That’s bad.

Whos the best football team in the prem?
man utd have had some of the best players and so i think that makes them the best

What best describes the material that makes up earths astenosphere?
assorted gases

What paper is the best for paper airplanes and why?
I would recommend any except thin paper it makes the plane wobble and it won’t fly straight and crash onto the ground.

What is Best material for pool cover?
Any type of material that is A) Thick B) Make sure the material is an not made of any type of Insulator like paper or wood C) The best type of pool cover that keeps your pool warm and clean is better off to be a plastic cover.

What material is best for paper airplanes?
depends on what type of paper airplane you are trying to make. wide winged are better with hard paper like printing paper and narrow ones doesn’t matter. (just my personal experience not so trust worthy)

What kind of material do seeds grow best in?
Seeds grow best in fertile soil, and cow manure makes a good fertilizer.

What is the best material to make a PA Speaker box out of?
Wood. It makes a really great sound.

What is the best material for model rockets?
i like to use balsa for fins; paper tubes for the body and balsa or plastic for the nose.

Any outside material used to research a paper is called?
A reference. It is best to use the MLA Format when citing these references.

If I’m 15 5’9 and run a 4.72 40 and weight 180-190 what is my best football position?
really anthing that is an organic compound, which are compounds that are conprized of carbon atoms (i.e. animal carcase, waste, dead plant material, paper, banna peel, wooden plank, etc.)

What is the dependent and independent variable for which material conserve heat best paper cotton and aluminum foil?
Independent: The heat Dependent: The result

What kind of material is best used in egg drops?
try using peanuts, paper towls, bubble rap and more try them

Which material conserves heat best paper cotton or aluminum foil?
actually I did the problem myself and i know cotton was the best and aluminum foil; was THE WORST! solve it, it was vry fun!

Is man utd football club better then Chelsea?
yes. but without ronaldo they are not the best. he makes the team.

Who becomes the best players on Football Manager 08?
Well, it depends if you are good or not, practise makes perfect!

Why did they wear leather helmets in the early days of football?
it was the best material they had at the time. in the first days of football they had no helmates it was not till about 1893 they were introduced and not entill 1939 they were made manditory for all players to ware

What is the best material to make a mini parachute?
a big sheet of news paper shap it into a a ovaral or circle then cut a circler hole in the middle

What did ancient Egypt use to make paper?
The ancient Egyptians did not have paper as we know it, but they had the next best thing which was papyrus. This was the writing material of the ancient western world. The Egyptians used the papyrus plant which grew abundantly in their country.

What physical property makes metal pots good for cooking?
heat conductivity. thats the best answer if your working with a science paper

Who makes the best football helmet ridell schutt or Adams?
ridell by a long shot, the others dont even compare

Which starting material used in the air bag inflator is the least important for the proper infation of the air bag?
There are no options here to choose from. That makes it difficult to know which material would best answer this question.

What is the best way to get a stamp off of an envelope?
The most common method used by collectors is simply soaking the stamp in water. Cold water is best, it helps prevent colors in ink and the paper from washing away. Simply soak the stamp until the paper and stamp are saturated. The stamp should slide or be peelable off the paper. Then dry the stamp on a towel, blotting paper or other clean absorbant material.

What is the best material for socks to be made of to keep feet warm in cold weather?
The best material to make socks out of to keep feet warm in cold weather is wool. Wool is very thick and that makes it possible for it to hold in the body heat and keep the cold out.

Which material conserves heat best-paper cotton or aluminum foil?
I’d say the better heat convserver of the two, would be aluminum foil.

What is a good title for a compare and contrast essay about basketball and football?
The differences between basketball and football A comparison of basketball and football How basketball and football are the same and different A history of basketball and football Unless you are writing fiction or newspaper/magazine articles, the best title for your paper is a straight-forward, factual one. If you are comparing and contrasting two brands of washing powder, for example, you would title the paper some variation of “Comparing and Contrasting X to Y.” You only…

What is a wild card team in football?
A wild card team in football is a team that does not win its own division but makes the playoffs on the basis of having the best overall record of the remaining nondivisional winning teams.

What is the best material for a futon cover?
One of the best materials for a futon cover is genuine leather. While it is a rather expensive type of material, the quality and durability makes it worth the price. Leather is very sturdy, and can last for many years as long as it is carefully and properly treated.

Who is the worlds best player in football in 2009?
Lionel Messi Has Won The Balon D’or Which is a trophy for best player in Europe which makes him the Best Player In the World. Lionel Messi Club: Barcelona Nation: Argentina

What kind of materials do need for which material conserves heat best paper cotton or aluminum foil?
aluminium foil because it has the qualities of metal and tin which are good heat conservers.

Who are the best football team in the world?
It is entirely a matter of personal opinion. This answer will differ depending on whomever stumbles across it. You also failed to mention what your definition of “best” is. Again, everybody has a different idea of what makes something the “best”.

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