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What is the best site for paper airplanes?

How do you use a piece of paper?
You use a piece of paper by writing on it or by folding it into shapes. You can make birds and animals or even airplanes from paper.

What are paper airplanes made from?
Paper airplanes are made from paper.

Why is copy paper best for paper airplanes?
a plane that is well armored and fast and that can hold heavy weights

What types of paper are best for making paper airplanes?
Normal letter-sized paper works the best. I say it’s because, the flight of the airplane mostly depends on the thickness of the paper, and weight I the paper. So I suggest normal paper!

How do you make the best paper plane in the world?
go to paper airplanes hq there are sick planes there look at the vids my fav is the hawk

What paper is the best for paper airplanes and why?
I would recommend any except thin paper it makes the plane wobble and it won’t fly straight and crash onto the ground.

How many types of paper airplanes are there?
There is no limit. Invent your own and get famous. There are many types of paper airplanes you can make them different the answer above is good but If you want to know different types of airplanes then you can look them up. But there are many types of paper airplanes

How design effect paper airplanes?
Design can effect paper airplanes just as it does real aircraft. Paper airplanes can be a huge variety of designs and be specialized, just as real aircraft. This can be for style or for performance.

What percentage of Americans know how to make paper airplanes?
99.999% of Americans know how to make paper airplanes

Does weigth effect paper airplanes?
Yes, weight may affect paper airplanes, and this can be seen through a paper airplane’s wing loading.

What is the best paper airplane?
Generally, this is a matter of individual preference. It is unlikely that one paper airplane design is the best at everything (range, speed, glide ratio, etc.). Many airplanes are claimed to be the best, but these claims are unsubstantiated.

What is the process for the assembly line to make paper airplanes?
Generally, the best way to construct paper airplanes in an assembly line fashion, is to complete each assembly step for the entire production batch, before proceeding to the next step in the assembly process.

Where can you recycle paper?
Make paper airplanes…

What is a very quick science porject you can do?
One is to test wich kind of paper works best for paper airplanes. Constuction, computer or tissue paper. Fold each into a dart and the farthest plane has the best paper. This is very easy it only took me about three days to do.

Where were paper airplanes invented?
airplanes were invented in the united states

What makes paper airplanes fly?
Lift makes paper airplanes fly, just as it does real planes. magic

What makes a good paper airplane?
use regular typing paper and a small paper clip or two. put one at the nose of the plane and one underneath it where you hold it to keep it together. to learn how to make different types of airplanes (ex. ones that do tricks) go on youtube or type in “how to make paper airplanes” on Google.

How many paper airplanes can you make with 1 piece of paper?
The number of paper airplanes possible would be a function of their individual sizes. It could be one paper airplane, or many.

Where can one find a tutorial on how to build the best paper airplane?
There are many places where one could find tutorials on building the best paper airplanes. One could try sites such as YouTube for video instructions on crafting a suitable paper airplane.

Who made the first paper plane?
The earliest reference to paper airplanes I know is that Jack Northrop used paper airplanes in the 1930’s to help in his ideas for flying wing airplanes.I believe that I can extend your history of paper airplanes back to at least 1908-1909.

Who invented the paper airplane?
The use of paper airplanes to create toys, is believed to have originated 2,000 years ago in China, where kites were a popular form of entertainment

What paper is the best paper to use to make a paper plane?
the best type is A4

What is the best use of translucent paper?
to be use as writing paper

Do bigger paper airplanes fly farther than smaller paper airplanes?
yes because of its weight the weight brings it down

How does gravity effect paper airplanes?
Gravity affects the paper planes by pushing them downwards. It does not act only on paper planes. It also affects real airplanes. no offence, but that was obvious……. -_-

Who made the first paper aeroplane?
The use of paper airplanes to create toys, is believed to have originated 2,000 years ago in China, where kites were a popular form of entertainment

What can kids make out of paper?
Snowflakes, hearts, paper airplanes…

How are airplanes designed?
Usually one or more companies come together to design an airplane. They use a lot of paper to draw out their plans or they use computers.

How many designs of paper airplanes are there?
Well, if you want a certain TYPE of paper airplanes, and how many are there of that type, ask that. There is no real answer. A paper airplane is probably being made right now!

What material is best for paper airplanes?
depends on what type of paper airplane you are trying to make. wide winged are better with hard paper like printing paper and narrow ones doesn’t matter. (just my personal experience not so trust worthy)

How does drag effect a paper airplane?
Drag effects paper airplane just as it affects anything else that moves. It is either parasitic or induced on paper airplanes. Drag may reduce a paper airplanes speed and/or range.

How do you make a origami plane?
There are many tutorials on the internet that show you how to make origami planes. (Paper airplanes.) You can find them by searching ‘Paper Airplanes’ on Google.

Why does a paper plane fly?
paper airplanes fly because of lift.

What paper airplanes fly far?
copy paper fly the farthest.

What has the author Yasuaki Ninomiya written?
Yasuaki Ninomiya has written: ‘Collection of paper airplane plans’ — subject(s): Paper airplanes ‘Jet-age jamboree’ — subject(s): Paper airplanes

Who sings paper airplanes as played on radio channel the spectrum?
Dunno i you mean the song “Airplanes” then its by Hayley Williams and B.O.B btw it goes like … Can we pretend that Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars i could really use a wish right now 🙂

What is a ‘paper-based activity’?
you could make paper hats or maybe even paper airplanes

What is the best adhesive to use for sticking paper to paper?
White glue is definitely the best for that.

Is it better if a paper airplane is heavy or light?
You can learn more by experimenting with different weights of paper and possibly balancing a coin on the plane. website

What games and toys use wind?
Kites, Frisbees, pin wheels, bubbles, paper airplanes, boomerangs, and stretchy flying chickens

Does the length of a paper airplane effect the distance of the airplanes flight?
its cause of paper .

How fast is a designed paper airplane?
The speed of paper airplanes vary by models.

If you’re folding a paper crane what is the best color to use?
it’s best to use paper with contrasting colors on either side

The longest duration for a paper airplanes to remain aloft indoor is how many seconds?
The longest duration for a paper airplanes to remain aloft indoor is around 82 seconds.

What are some types of paper airplanes?
Paper airplanes can be nominally divided into groups such as “darts” and “gliders”, though the two groups are very generalized and contain many subgroups.

What has the author Elmer A Norvell written?
Elmer A. Norvell has written: ‘Airigami’ — subject(s): Paper airplanes, Origami ‘Airigami’ — subject(s): Paper airplanes, Origami

Why do paper airplanes spiral?
Airplanes–not just of the paper variety, spiral for all sorts of reasons. Instability may be a cause, or perhaps the aircraft has stalled and entered a spin.

What is the Difference in making paper airplane and real airplane?
paper airplanes glide while most real airplanes have a source of propulsion also in a paper air plane you fold, it in a real airplane you weld it together

How are paper airplanes affected by type of paper?
if the paper is thicker it is a bit heavier and will not fly quite as far

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