its a wite paper called A4 size paper

How do you print content on a stamp paper?
You can print content on stamp paper by replacing the stock paper with stamp paper in the copier. The copier will print on stamp paper in the same way it prints on stock paper.

Where can you purchase recycled copier paper?
Staples, the office supply store, sells completely recycled copier paper. There are other brands that make and sell recycled copier paper, like Hamermill and Xerox, which can also be bought at office supply stores.

What are the usual options for colored copier paper?
The more common options for coloured copier paper are Xerox colour expression, Hammermill colour paper. These can be purchase from: Staples, Paper Cutz, Sam’s Club, Amazon.

What does PPC mean?
plain paper copier

Which is the main market for wood?
Paper products. Copier paper, toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, etc…

What is paperport?
The word paperport is not in the dictionary. Although, a paper port is an opening in a copier where you feed paper into it.

Which companies make cheap copier paper?
Some companies that make cheap copier paper include Boise Cascade, Hammermill, Island Paper, Weyerhaeuser, James River, and Lincoln. When picking out copy paper you should also ensure that it is still of quality so that it will function properly.

What is the shelf life of printer copier paper?
About 40 years

Do you have the right to a copy of your time card weekly?
I would say YES – as long as you have permission to use the company copier and paper. If they won’t let you use the copier or have a sheet of paper, bring a scrap of paper from home and copy down your hours AFTER you punch out for the day.

Can you use water and paper towel to clean the canon imagerunner copier glass?
Canon recommends using water or a mild cleaning solution to clean the copier glass on its products. A well wrung out lint-free cloth is preferred to paper towel.

What is the area in square feet of an ordinary piece of copier paper?
It is approx 0.3714 square feet.

How big are the dimensions of a sheet of paper?
Depends on the sheet. A standard sized sheet of typing/printer/copier paper is 11 inches by 8.5 inches.

What is the little brush for in the PC 921 copier?
Most copiers have a small brush just after the toner is backed on to recycle the toner the copier did not use. Some copiers also have a small brush just as the paper exits the copier to ensure a clean copy. Your owners manual will give more details

How big is an 8” by 10” photo?
About the size of a piece of copier paper (which is 8.5″ by 11″).

How old are the oldest xerox printers?
In 1963, Xerox introduced the Xerox 813, the first desktop plain-paper copier, bringing Carlson’s vision of a copier that could fit on anyone’s office desk into a reality.

Can you use copier paper in a laserjet printer?
You can use just about any kind of paper you want. yes Since most copiers are laser printers then yes you can. If you have problems then switch to laserjet paper.

What company made the first automatic plain paper copier and in what year was it made?
Chester Carlson invented Xerography. The first copier was marketed in 1959 by Xerox Corp.Photocopying is now widely used in business, education and government.

What types of official documents can be copied on a cheap copier?
Birth certificates, copies of your lease (apartment or vehicle), pay stubs, and some tax forms. Of course, you can copy paper document on a cheap copier, important document or not.

How do you copy paper from a printer?
You put the paper, face down under the scanner or copier, then press copy, choose how many copies you want, and then press okay, or copy again.

What is the fuser in a copier?
A copier or laser printer uses dry ink called toner, a fine plastic powder, to create an image. The toner is selectively placed on a light-sensitive surface which has been exposed to the image to be copied. It is then transfered to paper. At this point it is just loose dust on the surface of the paper and could be easilly brushed off. The paper with the toner on it passes between heated rollers which…

How do you scan pictures to a computer?
A device called scanner is used to scan the picture to computer. Scanner is photo copier type machine except photo copier copies data on hard paper and scanner copy the data or photo to computer.

Your canon imagerunner 4570 copier states remove paper from output tray?
In Ir 4750 Printout remove by hand

Who was the Xerox machine invented by?
The plain paper copier, often incorrectly called a “Xerox MAchine,” was developed by a team of engineers and technicians employed by the Haloid Company in Rochester, NY. They based their work on the process of electrophotography, or xerography, that was invented by Chester Carlson in 1938, and Mr. Carlson worked closely with Haloid on the development of the first commercial plain paper copier.

What are the advantages of using copier paper?
Advantage Copier is proud to announce that we are in our sixth year in the Kankakee area. We have provided our knowledgeable and personalized service to the Chicagoland area since 1989. We offer you the finest in copiers, facsimile machines, paper shredders, printers, and other office equipment. We are your Authorized Konica Minolta Dealer, Muratec Fax Reseller, and Samsung Reseller. In addition we are an authorized Rexel and Intimus Paper Shredder Rese

What is the best kind of paper to buy for a photocopier?
There are different types of paper that can be put into a photocopier. The best kind are reams of paper that have been specifically designed for photocopies. Multi-purpose copier paper is an excellent choice. The weight should be 20 pounds with at least a 96 brightness.

Can you use copier transparency paper in laser printers?
You have to use the ones that are intended for lasers printers – look on the box. If you use the wrong transparency paper it could melt in your printer an cause HUGE problems!

What is the length of Xerox paper?
Paper used in a xerographic copier or printer is any length that is needed. Some machines use standard 11,” 14″, or 17″ paper, some can accommodate any length from 4″ to about 17″, and some use rolls of paper that are hundreds of feet long.

What does a white mot test car certificate mean?
Not sure if this is what you mean, but whereas old MOT tickets were hand written on a green paper pad, the latest are just printouts on ordinary computer copier paper.

What is GSM in kraft paper?
GSM in relation to paper – is the weight in Grammes of one Square Metre. For example – ‘regular’ A4 copier paper is usually 70 GSM. Craft paper such as origami paper (for folding into models) is usually much lighter at around 40 GSM, or sheets of card is normally 120 GSM

How thick is one sheet of paper?
Depends on what paper you’re talking about. The average sheet of 20lb copier paper is 0.0038 inches thick; whereas the average sheet of cardstock is 0.0175 inches thick. For a great resource of various thicknesses visit website

Why wont the eclipse tattoo thermal copier transfer the image to the thermal paper even when the paper is put in correctly?
If your using the ‘eclipse’ that is a fax machine and does not produce enough heat, this is why the copy does not come through. A fax header is low voltage and low heat – it can’t get through all the layers of the tattoo paper. There is an ‘ECLIPSE 2’ version which is a true thermal-copier and uses an IR heat lamp and does work. You need to use a carrier with this type…

Where can one find more information on Copier sales?
There are a wide variety of informational website that offer a good selection of information on Copier sales. Websites such as Copier Careers and Free Copier Support offer detailed information on Copier sales.

Where can you get a toy magic copier?
where can i get a magic copier

How can you clean a copier drum?
The drum in your Canon business copier, which is a part that works hand-in-hand with the toner cartridge, is susceptible to dust and dirt. A dirty drum transfers debris onto paper, resulting in dirty copies and documents containing missing words and graphics. Your Canon copier may also imprint streaks of toner around the edges of copies. When cleaning your Canon copier_¾_s drum, do not use a liquid cleaning solution, water or an abrasive towel to…

What features does a multifunction copier offer?
A multifunction copier could refer to any copier that performs more than one function. When a copier is marketed as multifunction, it is usually a combination of a printer, scanner, and copier. There is sometimes a fax option included as well.

What are examples of small office supplies?
pens, staples, copier paper and printer cartridges are our small office supplies Business Plus Office Supplies website

Were can you buy a magic copier?
There is no such thing as a magic copier

What is a sentence for copier?
Here are some sentences. The copier is broken. We bought a new copier.

What is a copier?
Answer A copy machine is a digital device that copies paper using a scanner and a printer. Commonly, they use B/W ink to print. They usually have 2 drawers of paper. These drawers connect to the printer. The perimeter is usually about 8 feet or so.

What can you do if your copier stops printing?
Go to the Acd copier website

Which company made the first automatic plain paper copier in 1959?
Xerox which at the time was called Haloid Xerox (note: name didn’t change to Xerox until 1961)

Is anyone having jamming problems with their Xerox printers?
If your copier or printer is jamming, you may have a problem with the paper. The paper may be a weight or have a coating that the machine was not designed to handle. It is also possible that in a humid environment the paper has absorbed too much moisture, leading to jams. If the paper is not the cause, then the paper handling mechanism may need adjustment and you should contact your service organization to…

How much does a toner cartridge for a Canon copier cost?
How much a toner cartridge for a Canon copier costs varies depending on the type of copier. The toner cartridge for a Canon 106 black copier costs $155, for example.

What is the fastest copier?
actually copier is a softwere which can copy any vedio or audio or movies fastly .there many kinds of copier like teracopy etc.

What is the benefit of a company who buys a refurbished copier?
The benefit to a company of buying a refurbished copier is that it is less expensive than buying a new copier. If the company will not make a large number of copies a refurbished copier may be economically beneficial.

How do you print on tracing papers?
Provided the size of the tracing-paper sheet fits the paper tray of a printer, there should be no problem in printing on tracing paper. Printers (inkjet, laser) usually print on A4 copier paper, or clear acrylic film (for presentation by projection during a lecture). Provided the tracing paper is not too flimsy and too thin to be gripped by rollers on passing through the printer, it should be possible to print on tracing paper.

How is a copier and a printer the same?
They are not the same. A copier scans a document and creates a file of the image, or uses OCR (Character Character Recognision) to create an editable text file from the image file. A printer simply prints on paper the data sent to it by the computer. It maybe that the printer is printing out the file sent to it after being scanned and saved as a file, as outlined above.

What is the use of a copier and scanner printer?
A copier and scanner printer is capable not only of reproducing the desired image that copiers have traditionally been designed to do, but also scanning the image into a digital form for use in computer- or online-based applications. If you have a paper copy of a document, you can scan it, render it into digital form and email it to another person, all with one convenient machine.

When was Mettin Copier born?
Mettin Copier was born on 1989-01-04.

What is the population of Danka copier supplier?
The population of Danka – copier supplier – is 2,000.

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