Virgin Wood Pulp Woodfree Offset Paper

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Virgin Wood Pulp Woodfree Offset Paper

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AB Paper & Pulp is one of the leading Traders & Exporters of paper products from Paper & Pulp.

AB Paper & Pulp mission has always been to provide high-quality products for the global export market.

We have managed to become a well-known name in the field of Paper Products Manufacturing, Supplies, and Global Export through fair dealings and commitment towards offering only the best.


Virgin wood pulp

Uncovering the Truth: Virgin vs. Recycled From schools to offices to hospitals to restaurants virgin wood pulp. Also, paper such as paper towels and toilet tissue is a necessity virgin wood pulp that keeps organizations functioning properly.


Paper Type: offset printing
Use: printing
Coating: Uncoated
Compatible Printing: Offset Printing
Pulp Material: Wood Pulp
Pulp Style: virgin wood pulp
Pulping Type: Chemical-Mechanical Pulp
Basis Weight: 70gsm
Size: 787/889mm
Grade: First Grade
Weight: 500-1082 kg
Packaging: Flat pallet or roll pallet

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