the best type is A4

Does the type of paper you use to make paper airplane matter?
Yes because if you use heavy paper to make your plane it won’t fly well. It is always best to use light paper.

What is the smallest amount of steps it will take to make a paper plane DC3?
The smallest amount of steps it will take to make a paper plane DC3 is 33. This amount of steps is detailed and involves the use of paper, scissors, a pencil, and a ruler.

How do you build a paper mache rome colliseum?
The best way to make such a structure out of paper would be to use paper mache. Make your base and then cover it with your paper mache mixture.

Why do paper airplanes with longer wings fly farther?
It is because of the shape of the wings that create lift and drag. If you rip at the end of the wings to make flaps then the paper plane will either go up or down. It all depends on how much force you use to expel the paper plane with your hand.

How do you make a Eiffel Tower out of paper?
The best way to make a Eiffel tower out of paper find the best materials such as sturdy paper and a ruler then use an oragami book either online or at a local library to get step by step instructions.

Can you use regular paper for pinatas?
You could use it but it might be harder to make but cardboard works the best.

What makes a good paper airplane?
use regular typing paper and a small paper clip or two. put one at the nose of the plane and one underneath it where you hold it to keep it together. to learn how to make different types of airplanes (ex. ones that do tricks) go on youtube or type in “how to make paper airplanes” on Google.

What is the best use of translucent paper?
to be use as writing paper

What is the best material to make fins of a rocket?
you can use plastic, thick paper, etc. It is always best to keep the rocket light!

What type of paper is recommended for use in plotters?
The type of Plotter paper that is recommended for use in a Plotter depends on the job you are going to do. To make sure and get the right type of paper ask the supplier. The suppliers are very knowledgeable and can tell you the paper that is best for the job you need to do.

How do you make planes in x-plane 9?
you can use plane maker, it comes with x plane, and it is easy to use

What is the best paper to use for paper airplanes?
copy paper of printer paper

How do you make simple Paper Airplanes?
In this answer I will present two different paper airplane designs. One is a dart, designed to fly long distances in a straight direction and the other is a glider. Requirements: For each airplane you will need 1 8.5″ by 11″ piece of paper. Optional items are tape and staples. To make the Dart: Hold the paper portrait style Fold it in half along the middle so you have two equal sides Open the paper…

What is the best adhesive to use for sticking paper to paper?
White glue is definitely the best for that.

How should we make possible and accurate use of paper?
use paper to eat the roadside eatables instead of plastic bags, use paper bags for buying vegetables and other marketing use recycled paper to save trees make use of paper to spread in the cupboards

If you’re folding a paper crane what is the best color to use?
it’s best to use paper with contrasting colors on either side

What is the best way to make an accurate map or floorplan of a building from a video game?
Use graph paper and count steps.

What is the best title in a research paper?
I suggest you use a title that reflects the topic. That is, the title should make it clear what the research is about.

What kind of paper should you use for a paper rocket?
the best is actually paper mache?? 🙂

Does a light paper airplane fly better than a heavy paper airplane?
It depends on how big it’s wings are, if they are about 3 inches then yes. If the paper is too light the wings will not have good stiffness. More important than weight is stability. If the plane has too much lift it will climb and stall. In this case put a small downward crease in the tail of the plane. If the plane dives put an upward crease instead. Adding weight to the front…

How do you make a paper mache foot?
You use paper mache to make a foot. Your welcome.

How do you make paper mâché?
Paper mâché is made with a mixture of paper, water and flour. They are other recipes that you can use to make paper mâché. Paper mâché can be used to make models.

Can you use transparent paper to make 3-D glasses?
Can you use transparent paper to make 3-D glasses?

What did Egypt use to make paper?
egpytians use papyrus to make paper come on diddnt you know that i am 10 gee bye

How do you make paper dolls?
you fold the paper like you use to make paper fans. Then you cut the shape of a lady. Then you unfold it.

What did Egypt make paper out of?
They did not use paper they used stones

How is paper reduced reuse and recycle?
Use less paper – Reduce Use the back side of the paper – Reuse Shred the paper to make new paper – Recycle

Which is the best stationary phase to use in paper chromatography?
whatmann filter paper

How you use paper make a trash bin?
You put bin paper to make trash in bin

How do you make a self propelled car with paper straws paper clips rubber bands tape and glue?
Use the paper to make he body, propeler, and wheels. Use the paper clips for wheel axles. Use the straws to hols the axles and use the tape to tape the axles to the ody.

How do you use a piece of paper?
You use a piece of paper by writing on it or by folding it into shapes. You can make birds and animals or even airplanes from paper.

Can you make wood of paper?
No, you cannot make wood out of paper. It’s imposable. You use wood to make paper. Once that is done, you can’t change it back.

What is the best way to build a tower?
Use squares and triangles to make a big tower, that way it will be sturdy and strong. Use hard and firm materials such as wood, metal or plastic. If it is a tower made of paper then use layers of thick paper to keep strong and upright. Jinny Fisher.

Advantages of paper based systems?
You can use them to make paper aeroplanes

How do you make iceberg using paper mache?
you use paper and glue

Can you use paper lunch bags to make a luminaria?
You can use any sort of paper bag, yes.

How do you make a big paper airplane?
Use a big piece of paper, or make one with cardboard and staples.

What kind of glue to use to glue paper window shades?
If gluing paper to paper, white glue is best.

Can you use clear glue for paper mache?
White glue is best for paper mache.

Why did the ancient Egyptians use reeds to make paper?
The Ancient Egyptians used papyrus reeds to make paper, as it was the best type of paper you could make at the time. However, it was expensive and only used by rich people on important occasions eg. book of the dead. Labourers and tomb builders kept inventories on pot sherds and pieces of flat rocks.

How do you make a platform of cardstock paper when you hold books on them?
the best type of platform i would use is a 3 inch long cylinder, the more cylinders you use the more books you will hold.

Quantity of Wood to make 1 pound of paper?
All wood can make 1 pound of paper. It depends on if the wood it bad or good. If the wood has fungi and they make paper out of that you might get fungi on your feet if you use that paper, but luckly all the wood they use is fresh and clean.

Should you use the world I in a research paper?
Nope…. Use “we” at best

What paper towel is best for cleaning windows?
i never use paper towels, for it leaves lint behind..the best thing to use, is newspaper..I know it sounds crazy, but it completely works and you won’t waste alot of money on paper.

Can you use a digital camera on an airplane?
it depends on where your from, but its best NOT to use a camera in the plane for security reasons

Wax paper for baking?
You do not want to use wax paper for baking, you want to use parchment paper. They make look similar, but they are not the same thing.

How big should the paper be if you make an origami lotus?
You should but the biggest paper you can and use that paper to make one of the biggest lotus flower ever

How do people make paper?
They cut the trees and take them to a factory and shred them to pieces then use a machine to make the paper.

What plant can be use to make paper?
Every plant can be used for making paper.

Does it matter what type of paper you use to make a paper airplane?
I would say no.

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