Toilet Paper

Copy paper

Paper Towel


Name something public restrooms always seem to run out of?
toilet paper paper towels soap

Name the worst kind of shoe to run in a marothon?
Sandals orflats

Name something you hate to run out of.?
Money Gas Food Toilet Paper Milk Time Diapers

What kind of paper do you use to paper mache?
you can use any kind of paper from note book parer to magazine paper

Will you run out of paper?
No, paper is a renewable resource. It will not run out if we all use it wisely and do not waste it.

What kind of officers belongs to gazetted officers?
gazette is the name of indian government news paper those officers which are listed in this news paper only they are known as gazetted officers

What kind of paper do you use for paper craft?
origami paper

How does the kind of paper affect the distance a paper airplane flies?
The kind of paper chosen to make a paper airplane affects its weight. The best paper for making airplane is the light but firm paper. Firm paper prevents the paper plane from crumbling in the wind.

What is oslo paper?
Oslo paper is a kind of a paper which is thick and it has a rough surface

What kind of paper are paper bags made of?
From brown (unbleached) kraft paper.

What kind of paper contains Mercury?
mercury paper

What kind of paper has a fur?
paper has fur. haha.

What phobai is a Fear of paper cuts?
i hate paper cuts just the thought makes me shiver. I cringe when paper is run through fingers …. might get a paper cut i hate paper cuts just the thought makes me shiver. I cringe when paper is run through fingers …. might get a paper cut

What kind of paper should you use for a paper rocket?
the best is actually paper mache?? 🙂

What kind of paper is the Declaration of Independence written on?
dookie paper

What is kind of paper is used for coupons?
Used toilet paper.

What is the name of paper to test pH?
Litmus paper is another name for pH paper. They are synonymous in name and function.

A kind of paper was developed from this reed?
The earliest paper was made from Papyrus.

What kind of adhesive do they use in toilet paper?
There is no adhesive in toilet paper.

What kind of paper should be used in printer?
A4 copy paper

What kind of paper do you use to find the pH of a substance?
Litmus paper

Does it take special paper to roll a cigarette?
no any kind of paper will do.

What kind of wood makes paper?
Any kind of wood can be used for making paper. Some are certainly better than others.

What kind of tree makes paper?
any kind of tree

What kind of paper can you put in gerbil cage?
any kind!

How did taffy get its name?
Taffy is a kind of chewy candy, sugar butter and flavourings cut into small pieces and wrapped in wax paper. Origin unknown.

What is a papyrus paper?
Papyrus paper is a kind of paper made by the Egyptians in the Nile Delta from a papyrus plant.

What kind of paper airplane stays in the air for the longest?
The kind of paper that makes a paper airplane stay in the air the longest is blank paper because blank paper has the right amount of heaviness to make it stable.In CNN Student News,blank paper flew the greatest and longest time and distance.

Why should you put your name on your paper?
so if you will pass your paper,the whom you passed the paper will know your name

What happens if paper gets wet?
What kind of paper, how wet, for how long. What is your question?

What are facts about bounty paper towels?
bounty is the best kind of paper towel i can get.

What kind of noun is paper?
The noun ‘paper’ is a singular, common, concrete noun.

What paper is best for printing a map?
what kind of paper are topo maps printed on

What is the density of notebook paper?
the density of paper is .025 or .026 depending on what kind it is.

What kind of paper should you only use facts about?
White paper yeah

What kind of paper do people use in origami?
there is no specific paper to make origami

What kind of glue to use to glue paper window shades?
If gluing paper to paper, white glue is best.

What kind of christmas wrapping paper is suitable for devout christians?
Any kind of wrapping paper would be suitable to wrap presents for devout Christians. Wrapping paper with Jesus would be more acceptable, than say, wrapping paper with reindeer on it.

What was the name of the company that hired Johnny Tremain?
the Observer which is a paper company run by the patriots that continually posted different things about the British to get revenge on, this shop was where he met Rab

What kind of paper is made from recycled paper?
Most of newsprint, writing, printing and or packaging papers can be made with recycled paper.

Is kind a verb?
No, kind is an adjective. Verbs are things you can “do”. I can run. I can jump. run and jump are verbs. Adjectives are things you can “be”. I can be kind. I can be mean. kind and mean are adjectives.

Which substance changes the colour of pH paper into greenish?
This depends on the kind of pH paper.

What kind of paper is a vital document printed on?
i think it is printed on optik white paper.

What kind of paper do you use to cover your board with to put the cake onto?
Parchment paper.

What kind of wrapper effects apples more plastic or paper?
paper u can recycle it

What is a kind of paper lace?
paper lace is a dog pooping on a cat and also 69

How do you wipe your bum if you have run out of toilet paper?
Use paper towels, baby wipes or napkins.

Will paper run out?
it will unless we create more

How do people go paperless?
They run out of paper.

What kind of paper is used in camera printers?
“A special kind of paper called photo paper is used in camera printers, otherwise known as photo printers. It is more expensive than regular paper, but the quality is much higher and comes out as though you printed it at the store.”

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