yes photo copy paper is the same as normal printer paper there is no difference at all

What is the difference between photocopy and copy?
A photocopy and copy are the same thing. They both involve making a replica of a document. This is often done when you do not want to risk losing an original document.

What means the same thing as copy?
archetype, carbon, carbon copy, cast,clone, counterfeit,counterpart, ditto, forgery, hard copy,, impersonation, impression, imprint, likeness,mirror,model, offprint, parallel,photocopy, print, reflection, replica, replication, reprint, reproduction,similarity, simulation, tracing,transcript, transcription.

What is the difference between photocopy and xerox copy?
The term “Xerox copy” is often incorrectly used to mean the same thing as “photocopy.” But “Xerox” is a proper noun and a trademark for the Xerox Corporation so “Xerox copy” actually means a copy made on a copier that carries the Xerox brand. The word “photocopy” means any copy that has been made using a photographic process and includes copies made on Xerox machines, and other copiers.

How do you print content on a stamp paper?
You can print content on stamp paper by replacing the stock paper with stamp paper in the copier. The copier will print on stamp paper in the same way it prints on stock paper.

How do you photocopy a of a4 paper to a a3 of paper?
A4 paper is exactly half the size of A3, and they both have the same aspect ratio. So A4 –> A3 is an enlargement. Most photocopiers use A4 as standard. You need a larger photocopier to copy onto A3. The photocopier will usually offer A4 –> A3 as an option.

What is one disadvantage of analog recording?
There are several, but I would choose degradation of copies as the most obvious. If you have ever made a photocopy of a photocopy, you will see the evidence of analog degradation – more spots or “noise” on the later copy. The same thing happens with analog recordings – as you make a copy, the “noise” (unwanted parts like hiss, clicks, fuzziness of images, etc.) increases. By the time you have made a copy of…

What is Print and Fax?
Print and Fax is a term used for a machine that can both print and fax. There is also scan and copy that is also used in the same way – some machines are print / scan, others are fax / copy, other machines are print / fax / scan/ copy. Printing is putting ink on a page from a computer file. Fax (or fascimile) is sending a document electronically from one fax machine to…

How do you copy a comic strip from linguascope?
You cannot copy it as it is a flash file, but you can print screen it into a word document. Windows Press the Prnt Scrn/ Print Scn button. Mac ⌘ + Shift + 3 (all at the same time)

How do you get your dell photo 926 printer to work with your hp laptop?
I have the same problem 🙁 I can do the scanning and copy but not print, gaah!

Can you copy a Pokemon card on the copier?
yes, but it would be difficult to print out one exactly the same considering material and such.

Is a print the same as a poster?
no because a print is a piece of paper and a poster is a different type of material! Thank You for letting me answer your question i hope i answered your question correctly!

If a DVD movie is out of print is it OK to make a copy?
You can make a copy for your own use however, assuming the movie in question is still under copyright protection, you cannot make copies and distribute them to others. Remember “Out of print” is not necessarily the same as “out of copyright” or public domain.

How do you draw the face of Albert Einstein?
You simply just have to draw what you see. If there is a picture you want to duplicate then copy or print it out, and measure off even squares so that you have a grid. Have the same grid on another sheet of paper, and draw what you see in each square. This really is much easier.

A printer has a paper jam An impatient user has sent multiple print jobs of the same document to this printer What can be done to remove these print jobs?
Cancel the jobs in the printer’s queue

What is the name of superimposing pictures on wood?
I believe your answer has already been stated on this same page by rollincrafts. check it out. if not, give the procedure your doing, (as-in photocopying or wood carving, etc.) ANSWER by rollincrafts: Any line drawing can be converted to an iron – on transfer pattern by photocopying it. Just place the photocopy face down on the wood and iron away. Since photocopies are made using heat to transfer toner onto paper, heat will also…

How to copy the screen?
To copy the screen you can use Print Screen which is abbreviated prt sc on your pc’s keyboard. All you have to do is press the print screen button and then go to word or paint on your PC and press CTRL V or paste(same thing) and the screen at which you pressed print screen will appear. On some PC’s you may have to press fn(function button) and then the prt sc button.

How much ink is used to print a t shirt transfer?
Just the same as a regular piece of paper would i think.

What is the difference between a plotter?
the difference between a plotter and a printer I guess? They are the same, except the printer could print only on a sheet, and the plotter could print continuously on a roll of paper no matter of its size.

What is correct abbreviation for electronic copy in a letter?
I have the same question and have to send this letter out today. I’m going to go with “ec” since we use “pc” for paper copy. Good luck.

When can you use cut and not the paste function?
When you cut something you will delete what you cut. When you paste something first you will have to copy something and when you paste it you will have what you copied in the paper you paste what you copied. So if you want to delete something, cut it and if you want to have the same thing in a paper from the computer copy and then paste.

Can you print waterproof labels on a glossy sticker paper using Canon IP4300 inkjet printer?
trying to find the same thing out myself

What does CC stands for and means when sending emails?
It refers to the e-mail addresses of people who were forwarded copies of the same message. The term CC originates from the word a “carbon copy” which is the under-copy of a document created when a carbon paper is placed between original document and a paper on which a copy is intended. So by writing you get a copy of the original document. In case of email – email-ids in CC list will get exact…

What are your alternatives if your friend wants to copy your paper from last semester?
They will get the same grade that you did. They might like you use something from their old class if they had that class

How do photos print and stay the same for 20 years?
They are printed on good paper, with good ink, handled carefully and stored in a dark and dry place. There are a huge number of variables that effect photo print life. See – Photo Archiving

How do you draw improvised people?
1. you start with a drawing from a book,then you trace it 2. you then take the traced paper and get a new paper and draw a copy of it 3. trace any mistakes you may have made 4. if you wanna add stuff you MUST do the same on how you did it with the person then put it on the paper your using 5. there you go!!!!!!!! What you do is look at…

How do you print concert tickets?
I assume that you mean TicketFast or electronic Tickets. If you have purchases TicketFast tickets from TicketMaster, they will send you a link in an email. Click on that link and it will display your tickets in a window. Hit the print button, and they will print out on your printer. Make sure you only print ONE copy of each ticket. If you ordered four tickets, and you accidently print the same ticket four times…

I lost your citizenship paper how long does it take to get a copy?
We have the same problem, we have applied for a renewal and so far is has been about 5 months, so, we wait.

To copy or imitate?
It you are asking about the difference, in modern terminology they have come to mean the same thing. Earlier history defines imitate as someone we may follow as a good example in life. To copy, is a transcription or reproduction of a paper, a file or a text

Do twins have the same finger print?
yes they always have same finger print

Do people have the same finger print?
No two people have the same finger print. they may be similar but they are not the same.

What does cc on a memo mean?
It means courtesy copy Before the creation and use of the computer people used typewriters. This term “cc” was created to let people know that a “Carbon Copy” was made along with the original and typically they would put the name of the person that they sent the Carbon copy to. Carbon is a type of ink on paper (powdered ink) that was used to allow copies to be made of the same thing on…

When cc is used in an email?
cc stands for Carbon Copy. It is an old abbreviation from the days when memos were typed. If you wanted to make sure someone else got a copy of the memo, you would insert a piece of carbon paper behind it, and another sheet of paper. The typewriter would then not only type on the front page, but the impact would make the same image appear on the second sheet. Then, you would give the…

Why do colored printers eat so much ink?
Each color cartridge has 3 small tanks of different colored ink. If the cartridge is the same size as the black cartridge, each color tank is 1/3 the size of the tank in the black cartridge. If you do not NEED a color copy, when you print, select properties, and check “print in greyscale” or “Black and white”. You will get a black and white copy and save your color ink.

Can two shep have the same nose print?
can two sheep have the same nose print

What is a Dye diffusion printers?
dye sublimation printer A printer that produces continuous-tone images that look like photographic film. Also called a “thermal dye printer,” the print cartridge contains a cellophane ribbon with panels of dye the same size as the page to be printed. There are four panels for each print: one each of cyan, magenta and yellow (CMY) and a final clear coat that allows the print to be handled immediately without smudging. Special dye-receptive paper is used…

What is advantage of network print server?
It allows everyone on the same network to send print jobs to the same printer via the print server.

What printer uses the same reproduction technology as that found in the xerographic copiers?
Laser printers and xerographic copiers both use static charges on a toner drum to print images on paper.

What will the OS do if two programs want to print at the same time on the same printer?
will be put on the printting que and will print whichever one was ordered to print first

What are the difference between CCand BCC?
CC is short for carbon copy. People whose addresses go in the cc field of an e-mail are people who get a copy of the e-mail even though it is not addressed to them. For example, if you are sending an e-mail on someone else’s behalf, the person for whom you are sending the e-mail gets a copy. BCC is short for blind carbon copy. The usage is the same as for cc, but the…

What is difference between printer and xerox machine?
A Xerox machine is any machine marketed by the Xerox Corporation or its affiliate, FujiXerox, Incorporated. These machines perform a wide variety of functions, including copying, printing, scanning, binding, projecting, etc. The term “Xerox Machine” is sometimes incorrectly used to mean a machine that makes copies, i.e a photocopy machine. Photocopy machines scan an original of some sort and create a duplicate of that image, usually on a piece of paper. A printer takes input…

Difference between overriding and overloading?
Overriding – same method names with same arguments and same return types associated in a class and its subclass. Example: class CSuper null print ( string _name) print “Hello” + _name; ; class CDerived null print ( string _name) print “Hello” + _name + “from Derived”; ; Overloading – same method name with different arguments, may or may not be same return type written in the same class itself…

Do you get your learner’s permit the same day you take you learner permit in New York?
You get a paper copy which allows you to drive. The actual learners permit comes in the mail within two weeks.

Copy and Xcopy are same in the sense?
The Copy and Xcopy are the same in the sense that both copy the files and directory trees to another folder.

What is the meaning of the paw print tattoos on a womans leg?
Often this has the exact same meaning behind it as getting the foot print or hand print of your actual child. Generally, we’ll take the dogs paw and stick it onto an ink pad and then press it onto paper and then make a stencil based on the grooves of the print and the rest is done with shading. A lot of women, and a good deal of men, love their animals deeply and it’s…

What is the definitien of bold print?
Bold print is print which is in the same font style and size as the rest but is heavier and darker.

What is the difference between a multi-function printer and an all-in-one printer?
There is no difference. They are one and the same. You will see them sold under one name or the other, or both names together. They print, scan, fax, and copy.

Are Kodak printers more cost efficeient than having pictures developed at a photo kiosk?
Judging the cost effectiveness between using a Kodak printer or a photo kiosk has to be determined by the user. One simple way to determine this is to factor in the cost of replacement ink and photo paper. How many prints will you get per ink cartridge. Divide that by the cost of the cartridge to get the per print cost. Use the same method to determine the cost per print for the photo paper…

What is printmaking normally done on?
The whole idea of printmaking is that the printed copy should very closely mimic the original painting/ artwork. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see the printed copy on the same type of material which the original was made with. Printmaking can be done on anything such as wood, metal, paper, etc.

What do typewriters have on it?
typewriters are a very old fashion way of typing up stuff. since it is so old it dosent have the same features as laptops or computers. so basically all typewriters do is print words on paper

Is everyones thumb print the same?
No everyone has their own, unique thumb print

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