you can copy from someone else’s but its wrong and not right.

its also called cheating.

Where can you copy someones rhode island 5th grade state report so you can just print it out?
the point is doing the exercise so you will learn it and keep some info in your brain!!!

What do you do if your paper is stuck in the copy machine?
It really depends where the paper jam is located. Sometimes you will need to remove your toner, developer, or drum cartridge in order to remove the paper. Here is a link on how to minimize the amount of paper jams you get. website

What do you call it when you copy someones work?
This is called plagiarism.

How do you make a butterfly on facebook?
copy and paste it from someones page

Which paper plane will go the farthest Construction paper copy paper or newspaper?
Copy paper airplanes are light and flow easily!

Is photocopy paper is the same as copy and print paper?
yes photo copy paper is the same as normal printer paper there is no difference at all

How do i get a key to my 2002 Oldsmobile intrigue ignition if i don’t have one to copy?
Copy the vehicle VIN on a piece of paper, bring that with proof of ownership and personal ID to a local GM dealer. They can cut you a new key with that info. If not you will need to contact a locksmith.

Is a hard copy data transmitted by email?
No, hard copy means a paper copy. e-mail transmits electronic information not paper.

What is copy checking?
The term copy checking is generally used in academic institutes. When examination takes place on hard copy (paper), instructor checks it once the paper is done. The process of paper or examination checking is known as copy checking.

Why are data information displayed on the paper called hard-copy?
If information is stored in a computer is is described as ‘soft copy’. If information is stored on paper it is described as ‘hard copy’

Is it illegal to copy someones comeback in Canada?
yes it is you can get in alot of trouble for that in canada

How do you copy someones theme on Tumblr?
You cannot, actually. Unless they have a credit on their blog.

What would not be a amiable gesture?
taking someones else’s paper

What is the best paper to use for paper airplanes?
copy paper of printer paper

What should you do when a signed paper copy is required for legal purposes?
keep the signed paper copy only

Select the appropriate action to take when a signed paper copy is required for legal purposes?
Keep the signed paper copy and delete the electronic copy

Which copy machines can process colored copy paper?
All copy machines can process colored copy paper. If you are making copies of text the results should be good. However, copying color photos onto colored paper can give strange results.

Difference between soft and hard copy?
Soft copy is an electronic copy, hard copy is a paper copy.

What is another word for paper copy?
paper print. paper replica

Why is plagarism wrong?
Because to copy someones work and claim as your own is stealing and cheating.

How do you find out if your in someones life insurance?
how do i get a copy of my husbands life insurance from global insurance

Can you use an overhead projector with plain paper?
You would have to convert the plain paper into a special clear kind of paper specifically for the overhead. To do this, you need a copy machine and replace the normal paper in the copy machine with this clear paper.

What material makes the best paper football?
copy paper and or thick paper

Name a kind of paper you run out of?
Toilet Paper Copy paper Paper Towel Stationary

What are the three major functions of dna?
copy info, proved protiens, and transmit info

How do you copy paper from a printer?
You put the paper, face down under the scanner or copier, then press copy, choose how many copies you want, and then press okay, or copy again.

Is there a difference between laserjet paper and normal paper?
There are a number of differences between laser copy paper and normal copy paper. Laser copy paper is heavier and thicker, it is brighter, it gives a smoother finish and hence a higher quality print, it reduces show through from the other side of the page, it is more expensive.

Is paper birch found in BC?
Info on the paper birch

What is a copy-paper carton?
a box of white paper

How do you copy someones wardrobe on zwinky?
You Do A Wardrobe Transfer But It Only Gives You The Things You Have And He/She Has But In Differ Colors.-.

Can you buy a research paper?
You can buy a copy of a research paper; you’ll need to get the publication details and then order a copy from the publisher: you can usually do this online.

What paper airplanes fly far?
copy paper fly the farthest.

What kind of paper should be used in printer?
A4 copy paper

What is the black paper you put between 2 sheets of paper to make a copy?
‘Carbon Paper’ .

Is copy a noun or verb?
Copy can be used as either a noun or a verb. n: I have a copy of that paper you wanted. v: Could you copy this for me?

What is a soft copy and a hard copy?
A soft copy is a document saved on your computer. A hard copy is a document that is on paper or is otherwise printed out.

What is a hard copy of a work sheet?
A hard copy is a copy on paper, rather than just on the computer screen.

How do you cheat in school?
if no one is looking yawn and look and someones paper. then if you were absent one day and the teacher already sent the hw home to you and you friends is graded copy the answers off your firnds hw and if your teacher tells you not to cheat stand up and say F UC K YOU!!!!

What paper airplane goes farther notebook paper construction paper copy paper?
i think the construction paper airplane will fly farther

How you transfer contact from Nokia c3 to PC?
Get a piece of paper and a pen, copy your contacts manually from Phone to a piece of paper, after which, manually copy the contacs from piece of paper to your PC. simple but tiresome! hehe

How do you make a ouija board out of paper?
copy the ouija board onto the paper.

Do The printer is an output device which produces output on paper?
Hard copy or just copy

Is copy a verb?
It can be used as either a noun or verb. Examples: noun: I have a copy of that paper you wanted. verb: Could you copy this for me?

Does Nathan kress have webkinz?
It is not polite to say someones name on the computer or else some bad guy will get to his info.

How strong is elmer’s glue on copy paper?
The paper will tear before the joint will fail.

How many reams in a case of paper?
There are ten reams in a single case of copy paper.

What is the weight of a ream of copy paper?
For 80 gsm paper, it is approx 2.495 kilograms.

What is thedifference between soft copy hard copy in paper presentation?
The difference between a soft copy and a hard copy is that there is no soft copy. But a hard copy is like a final draft of an essay or a paragraph.

What toxic chemicals are in copy paper?

What does gsm on paper mean?
The weight of the paper in gram per square meter. Note that the weight in pounds is not the weight per square foot, but the weight of 500 of some arbitrary size sheet (for copy paper it is for a 17×22″ sheet – for book paper it is 25×38″. ). 20# copy paper or 50# book paper is about 75 gsm.

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