You would have to convert the plain paper into a special clear kind of paper specifically for the overhead.

To do this, you need a copy machine and replace the normal paper in the copy machine with this clear paper.

Should I use PowerPoint or word?
If you are making a visual presentation with an overhead projector of some type, use Powerpoint as it handles visuals better than Word. If you are merely presenting a factual document or term paper or the like, use Word.

Could you use a 3D player for a overhead projector?
Yes, but you will not be able to see or use the 3D effect.

What type of lens does an overhead projector use?
Convex lens because i said so

What has the author Ian Townsend written?
Ian Townsend has written: ‘Effective use of the overhead projector’

Where can you buy overhead transparencies?
If its for use with an Overheard Projector any good stationary store will stock them.

How many educator now a days are using overhead projector?
As high tech electronics are becoming more popular these days, the use of overhead projectors have deteriorated. More people are using “Smart” boards or “E” boards. The use of overhead projectors are slim to none.

Why do overhead projectors use convex lens?
because projectors are big and if it has a lot of stuff to show on a projector then it will have to use a convex mirror to be able to see all of it…

Can you use overhead projector using CPU?
Please visit this link: website

What is the difference between overhead projector and MS PowerPoint presentation?
An overhead projector is a physical device that you can use to show presentations. Some can be connected to computers and others are used to show manually created presentations made on clear plastic sheets, known as acetates. A Powerpoint presentation is a slide show that has been created using Microsoft Powerpoint. It can be on any topic and shown to an audience. Some kind of projector can be connected to a computer to show the…

Disadvantages of impact printer?
The disadvantages of an impact printer include being relatively slow. It also does not print on clear plastic films for overhead projector use.

Can you use plain white paper in a laser printer?
Yes i do use plain white paper in my laser printer but i think i need a new printer cause my printer cant print at all. My answer is correct its just that its not recomended.

What kind of glue do you use to glue carton?
If it’s plain paper,use white glue.

Is an old fashioned overhead projector an electronic device that is not connected to any computer?
An overhead projector is not an electronic device of any kind. It is strictly an optical device that took advantage of improvements in brighter bulbs and better quality lenses. They use a bright light, a lens and a mirror to project unreversed images in the same manner as a slide projector. It is basically a lamp that shines through plastic sheets (transparencies). The light goes up through the sheet, through a lens, and reflects off…

Where can you buy plain white wrapping paper?
Plain white wrapping paper can be bought at various places, including Party City, Walmart, Target, and even some Dollar Stores. You can also use the reverse blank side of printed paper if you cannot find plain white wrapping paper. If you need a bulk supply of white wrapping paper, try a wholesaler like

Where can a document camera be purchased?
A document camera is often use with an overhead projector setup to show show images of a series of documents to a larger audience. They can be bought from specialist camera outlets or sometimes on Amazon.

How do you use projector as a monitor?
what is the work of projector as a output of the computer what is the work of projector as a output of the computer

How could you use projector in a sentence?
” Go get me that projector, please”.

How do you get dry erase marker of a dry erase board?
When trying to get a dry erase marker off a dry erase board the best thing to use is glass cleaner. I use it all the time when cleaning mine. Its the same as taking the marker off the overhead projector.

Is Xerox Paper printing paper?
Xerox Paper, that is, paper sold with the Xerox brand on it, is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some are suited only for very special functions, but the majority is plain paper suitable for use in copiers, printers and other places you would want to use “regular” paper.

What lenses does a projector use concave or convex?
projector have concave or convex

The first part of a business letter is a?
The date is first if you use letterhead. If you use plain paper, then your return address comes above the date.

How can you see a solar eclipse?
You could use welders goggles. Or you could use a projector such as a pin hole projector.

How much energy does a projector use?
Roughly the wattage rating of the projector bulb.

When writing a job application letter you should?
use plain paper that measures 81/2 by 11 inches.

What paper for gerbils?
Plain not with perfume or ink,led or any thing that you use to wright with or the gerbil will get food poisoning.

Things You Do at School That Begin with U?
unlock a locker use a microscrope, use a pencil sharpener, use a ruler, etc. understand difficult concepts unpack your lunch, unpack your back pack unscramble words unplug an overhead projector, a computer, a radio etc. upload information uphold rules unzip a jacket

Does a movie projector use a concave lens?
No, a movie projector uses a convex lens.

What has the author Lee Green written?
Lee Green has written: ‘Creative slide/tape programs’ — subject(s): Audiotapes in education, Handbooks, manuals, Media programs (Education), Slides (Photography), Transparencies in education ‘501 ways to use the overhead projector’ — subject(s): Audio-visual aids, Curricula, Elementary Education, Handbooks, manuals, Overhead projection

Where could one find a cheap projector to use for PowerPoint presentations?
One can find a cheap projector to use for PowerPoint presentations on ebay where they can be purchased both used and new. One can also buy them from Amazon and Cheap Projector.

What can you make with plain white paper and glitter and glue?
Figure out how to make an origami hat using the white paper. Then, when your done making the hat, use the glue to add glitter to the places you want it.

Is inkjet printed paper shredded unsafe for bird bedding?
Yes it is unsafe, the ink contains harmful products that could damage your birds health. Plain shredded paper is the best to use!

How can you tell if a wrapping paper does NOT contain ink?
Take a sample of the paper and soak overnight in water, and soak another piece in alcohol. If ink had been present, either solution should be discoloured. If in doubt, use plain paper: white or brown wrapping paper.

How do you project something on your computer out on the wall?
You hook up a projector to your computer and aim the projector at the wall. Then you turn it on. You may need special software to use a projector with your computer, however in most cases, such software will come free with the projector.

What is the use of a computer projector?
A projector is to project what you will screen on a monitor. It is normally used for meetings, school eduction and work.

What models of Argus slide projector use 543 tray?
The Automatic 543 is the model of the projector that takes this tray.

Why use white screen to display by projector?
If you used a green or red screen, whatever you are looking at being projected would be that colour. Like when you draw with colours you use white paper instead of coloured and when you do use coloured the colours you are drawing with do not show up as well as they would on white.

You want to trace onto shoes what projector should you get?
If you want to trace onto shoes, use the DIY Photo Projector.

What do camera photocopier and slide projector have in common?
A camera, a photocopier, and a slide projector all use lenses to perform their functions.

What is the use of projector?
to find the degrees of an angle

Can you use a espon projector with a PS3?
Yes, as long as your Epson projector has an HDMI slot, or if you use an HDMI-to-VGA adaptor (an HDMI-to-RCA Video adaptor can work as well).

Can you spend the money from the criss angel money printer?
No, the money feels like the blank piece of paper you use, so when you give it to the cashier they are going to figure out that it feels like plain paper instead of the cotton feeling

Are there any secrets on how to print for less?
Secrets to printing for less would be to use recycled or refilled/re-manufactured ink cartridges and to buy bulk plain standard printer paper for use.

Is there a certain kind of bedding for baby mice?
not really but if it is babies as you said I would highly recomend just plain sredded paper and do not use wood chips

How do I clean a projector screen?
Use methylated spirits

What is the use of a projector?
Doesn’t it project things on a screen

How does a movie projector use light?
The movie projector uses light to project a picture. These running pictures are what people see when they watch a movie.

Use the word projector in a sentence?
The projector had a new bulb;we could tell because the image it was “throwing onto the wall” was bright and clear.

Can you paint on paper with oil paint?
Well I’m a keen artist on normal plain paper as long as you don’t use to much water you should be fine but you can buy oil pads any where these days so try and get some!

Is Toilet Paper Harmful To Hamsters?
Hamsters need to have materials in their cages to help make their nests out of. Materials that are not harmful for a hamster to use to make their nests from would be plain unscented toilet paper, saw dust, and hamster bedding.

Can an iPad be used with a digital projector?
Yes you can purchase an HDMI, VGA and composite video adapters to connect an iPad to a projector. You can also use Airplay Mirroring to Mirror the iPad’s Image on a TV or projector using AppleTV.

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